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leili fatehi, laura monn ginsburg, kyrstin schuette

Laura Monn Ginsburg (she/her)

Partner & Principal

Laura helps organizations and campaigns work better, do better, and be better.
Laura's love of organizational alignment and strategic communications coalesces into work projects such as: setting strategic plans, tasks, and measurements for the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce; updating the engagement strategy and communications plan for the City of St. Cloud's Heritage Preservation Commission; leading communications and community event planning for the Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation campaign; and helping to set up, sitting on, and sometimes chairing numerous community and nonprofit boards of directors at state and national organizations.


Laura’s most valuable talents are:

  • her process-driven approach to developing and executing strategies that motivate action

  • her ability to take insights from disparate groups and stakeholders and distill a cogent and cohesive strategy, implementation plan, and measurement apparatus

  •  her skill (and delight) in serving as a group facilitator, spokesperson, on-stage speaker, and trusted deliverer of messages

Leili Fatehi (she/her)

Partner & Principal

Leili has over 15 years experience developing and executing strategies to influence people’s attitudes and motivate their actions.

Leili is a multidisciplinary and multidimensional thinker able to develop and execute comprehensive, integrated, and innovative strategies that draw connections and take avenues others don't readily see. A resourceful strategist and agile negotiator, Leili has earned a reputation for delivering electoral, legislative, and administrative wins in high-stakes and complex situations and against some of the biggest and most entrenched special interests. In recent years, that has included getting the most comprehensive and progressive cannabis legalization bill in the country passed in the MN House, standing in the way of historic rollbacks in environmental protections, and managing the high-profile 2021 Minneapolis independent expenditure campaign that delivered wins on two ballot questions, five city council races, and the mayoral race and for which Apparatus won the American Association of Political Consultant's Independent Expenditure Campaign of the Year award.

Leili's most valuable talents are:

  • her ability to identify and utilize political and policy levers at a systems level across issue areas, stakeholder groups, and geographic regions

  • her creativity in developing persuasive arguments and communication strategies that command attention and get results

  • her aptitude for developing innovative campaign strategies that produce long-term investments in community members and resources

Kyrstin Schuette (she/her)


Kyrstin is among the most highly regarded experts in developing and implementing community engagement plans that empower people to harness their power in order  to make a difference. 


For over a decade, Kyrstin has directed community outreach and engagement programs for some of the most high-profile and successful advocacy campaigns in the state of Minnesota and across the Midwest. She served as the Midwest Director for Pete Buttigieg’s Presidential campaign, as the DFL’s Coordinated Campaign Political Director, and working on the Vote No campaign to defeat the MN Marriage Amendment to name a few career highlights.  


Kyrstin’s most valuable talents are: ​

  • her ability to cultivate grassroots passion into mobilized political power

  • her skills in creating, training, and managing teams toward accomplishing established goals and objectives

  • her infectious can-do attitude combined with her engaging interpersonal skills

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