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Apparatus is a full-service public affairs and political consulting firm led by veteran strategists with diverse skillsets, creative ideas, and a relentless drive for success. We're experts in getting people to take notice and take action to make a positive difference.

We are a women-owned and operated General Benefit Corporation with a mission-level commitment to advancing a cleaner environment, a fairer economy, and a more just society. We offer our services exclusively to clients and projects that seek to serve the common good.

We take a 360-degree approach to strategy, using every tool available—and, often, creating new ones—to effect change and deliver results. That's why we're named Apparatus.

We work with clients of all sizes, from all sectors, and at every stage of the strategy process.


We can help you:​

share your story

hone your mission

shape the narrative

build your coalition

influence decisions

and more.

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